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 Artist Profile: Dan Rolla J

Artist discography
 Infinity Recordings
 Dual Love [INFTY026]
 [A] - [Dan Rolla J, Gavin G] - Dual Love (Deejaybee Remix) 
 [AA] - [Dan Rolla J, Gavin G] - Dual Love (2004 Mix) 
 Krafty Recordings
 Hardcore Underground [HUCD01]
 [2.03] - [Mozz, Dan Rolla J, Gavin G] - Give You The World
 [2.17] - [Gavin G, Dan Rolla J] - Hardcore Bashment 2006
 Happiness [QSH064]
 [A] - [Gavin G, Dan Rolla J] - Happiness
 [AA] - [Gavin G, Dan Rolla J] - Hold You Tight (Sy & Unknown Remix)
 Rumour Records
 Hardcore Tsunami 2 [CDRAID565]
 [CD1-16] - [Gavin G, Dan Rolla J] - Dual Love (Deejaybee Remix)
 Original Hardcore 2 - The Battle [INSPCD26]
 [CD2-8] - [Dan Rolla J, Gavin G] - Hardcore Bashment
 Club Kinetic
 This Is Not Over [CKR001]
 [AA] - [Gavin G, Dan Rolla J] - Hardcore Bashment 
 Camel Records
 Shooting Filth [CAM004]
 [INFO] - [Gavin G, Dan Rolla J, Oli G] - The Wildstyle 
 Shooting Filth [CAM004CD]
 [2] - [Oli G, Gavin G, Dan Rolla J] - The Wildstyle
 Hardcore Heaven CD series
 Hardcore Heaven 2: Reloaded [HHCD002]
 [CD1-14] - [Gavin G, Dan Rolla J] - I'll Hold You Tight
 Central Station Records
 Ultimate Hard Trance & Happy Hard [CSRCD5238]
 [CD3-13] - [Gavin G, Dan Rolla J] - Dual love (2004 mix)
 Slammin' Vinyl presents Hardcore Heaven [RESISTCD46]
 [CD1-7] - [Dan Rolla J, Gavin G] - Hold You Tight 2005 feat J Malone
 [CD1-12] - [Mozz, Dan Rolla J, Himbo, Gavin G] - Bad Boy Beats (Sy & Unknown Remix) feat Sten
 Stormin' Tunes
 Hardcore Reunited [STORMCD003]
 [3.10] - [Fracus] - All In My Mind (Gavin G & Dan Rolla J remix)
 BMG (Japan)
 Drift Trance [ BVC3-38013/4]
 [1-12] - [Gavin G, Dan Rolla J] - Dual Love
 [2-07] - [Gavin G, Dan Rolla J] - Dual Love
Artist Name:  Dan Rolla J
Real name:     
Country:  United Kingdom
Email address:   
Official artist URL:   
Date added:   2003/02/14
Last updated:   2008/05/01

Upcoming Events featuring Dan Rolla J: 

Past Events featuring Dan Rolla J: 
Event location: England, United Kingdom ClubKineticRecords
February 15th, 2003 - England, United Kingdom
Event location: England, United Kingdom Organised Chaos
September 20th, 2002 - England, United Kingdom

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